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  Hydropneumatic reciprocating accumulators


A hydropneumatic accumulator is meant for accumulation of working liquid in hydraulic systems at moments of the liquid disuse and for discharge of it to the system when instantaneous flow rate of the working liquid increases. The accumulator can be applied in the devices, requiring the increase of instantaneous flow rate of the working liquid or long hold under high pressure without hydraulic power supply.Пневмогидроаккумулятор поршневой

The hydropneumatic accumulator consists of a steel bushing, two covers and a plunger, sealed with rubber rings and shields. For reliable sealing the plunger has several openings, filled with working liquid after installation. The covers are fastened with split rings, which accept the pressure of working medium and flanges, or with nuts, screwed on the bushing. A load valve serves to load a gas chamber with nitrogen. The valve has two threaded holes for attaching a gas bottle and a manometer at the moment of loading. In running position plugs with sealing rings are screwed into the valve hole.
The load valve opens by means of counterclockwise rod turn, which is sealed with a rubber ring. When closed, the load valve is sealed by pressure of the rod cone to the valve seat.

The hydropneumatic accumulator works in two mediums: gas and oil. With the help of the load valve one plenum fills with nitrogen under the pressure of loading and another plenum connects with the hydraulic system.

At moments of disuse the working liquid comes to the liquid cave under the pressure, excelling the pressure in the gas cave, and moves the plunger until the pressures in the caves become equal, as the result of working liquid accumulation. If the flow rate increases abruptly for short-time, the system pressure falls, and the liquid is pushed out of the accumulator to the system under the gas pressure.

Nominal capacity, 0.4 – 100 litres
Nominal pressure, to 320 litres

Main parts of the hydropneumatic accumulator

The hydropneumatic accumulator consists of the following parts:

  1. Cap-flange
  2. Bushing
  3. Cover
  4. Plunger

Основные части пневмогидроаккумулятора

Technical information:

  1. The hydropneumatic accumulator corresponds to the construction documentation according to the specification AP30-00-00.
  2. General quantities and dimensions of the hydropneumatic accumulator:
    1. Working liquid is oil РљРџ-8СЃ to the Technical standard 381011296-90
    2. Working medium of gas density is technical nitrogen of the 2nd class to the Russian State Standard 9293-74
    3. Volume of the hydropneumatic accumulator Q=30 litres
    4. Nominal working pressure P=20 kg/cm2
    5. Pressure of the load of gas cave P=10 kg/cm2
    6. Temperature of the load of gas cave 60В±10oРЎ
    7. Overall dimensions:
      • Length - 1200
      • Diameter - 255
    8. Mass is 100 kg

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