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"Nizhegorodskaya Innovatsionnaya Kompaniya" OOO searches and embodies innovations in the sphere of production, based on the latest attainments in science and technology. The aim of our activity is to raise the technological level of production and competitiveness of national output. Our company makes real innovative investments in different spheres of the national industry. We have tens of realized projects. We constantly search new ideas and decisions, waiting to be carried out.

Nizhegorodskaya Innovatsionnaya Kompaniya produces and supplies to your order:

  1. Face seals of our own unique design: cartridge and bellows, single and double, of the type Tandem (Тандем), matched with a bearing unit, with or without a cooler.
  2. Friction pairs made of graphite, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, and ceramics etc. for any type of face seals
  3. Mechanical rubber goods (sealing rubber rings of circular section) made of different types of rubber with higher operating characteristics and increased working resource even when used in aggressive medium and at high temperature.
  4. Products of ultra-hard materials: sliding bearings, bushings, inserts, abutments, step-bearings and so on.
  5. Products made with use of thermal expanded graphite (padding, gaskets etc.)
  6. Plate semirigid couplings.
  7. Sealing liquid vessels of high pressure.
  8. Spare parts for pumps: impellers of stainless steel, shafts, guide wheels, casings, covers, and flanges.
  9. Complex pump upgrade on basis of produced face seals and sliding bearings. Replacement of shaft, impeller, coupling etc.
  10. Hydropneumatic reciprocating accumulators.
  11. Filters and filtration packages.

Our address: 10B, liter A, Shekspira St, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603058
Ph/Fax: +7 (831) 257-69-30
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