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Plate semirigid couplings

Муфты дисковые полужесткие Plate semirigid couplings of common engineering application are meant for joining the concentric shaftings and for torque transfering from 40 to 6300 Nm. They also compensate shafting skew without reduction of a dynamic load.

Design of the plate semirigid couplings allows to compensate radial and axial skew of the running shafts, that makes it possible to transfer a torque moment and to decrease a load on bearings. Simple structure helps to dismount the coupling. Absence of rubbing parts excludes the necessity of lubricant use, which in turn lets to use couplings made of common materials at the temperature from -100 to +320oC. The couplings work without vibration and noise.

  • Steel gapless coupling does not require special installation skill.
  • Unlimited resource of coupling usage at the expense of additionally delivered plate sets.
  • Fast and easy installation of plate pack because of self-sealing nuts.
  • No service required.
  • No corrosion, thank to use of stainless steel.
  • High compensative capacity.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Manufacturing of any dimension type to order.

Bore shaft diameter of any dimension type to order
Transmitted torque rating, Nm from 40 to 6300
Transmission capacity, kWt from 10 to 2100
Tolerable distance between shafts, mm from 190 to 404
Tolerable axial shaft displacement, mm from 0 to 4.5
Tolerable angular shaft displacement, degree from 0 to 2
Tolerable radial shaft displacement, mm from 0 to 6.3

Муфта дисковая полужесткая (схема)

Order card for a plate semirigid coupling
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