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  Pump upgrade

The aim of upgrade is to reduce maintenance costs and to increase the service life of a pump, its ecological clearance and safety.

It is attained by means of the following measures:

  1. Installation of self-aligning sliding bearings instead of rolling bearings.
  2. Smaller console of cradle-mounted pumps. The distance between a bearing and an impeller decreases as one of them is placed in the packing box. It allows to reduce the load and shaft bend. The smaller distance between bearings permits to lessen shaft bend and to increase its rigidity.
  3. Fluid, compatible with the pumping medium, or pumping medium itself lubricates and cools the bearings.
  4. High-precision process and ideal balancing of the parts.
  5. Use of the latest materials and methods.

Other positive features of the upgrade:
a) for cradle-mounted pumps:
  - no leakages of pumping medium to the environment as sealing liquid is delivered to a bearing unit
  - a shorter shaft
  - high maintainability
b) for double-beat pumps:
  - use of one seal (a blind plug is installed from a free end of the shaft)
  - high maintainability
c) higher productivity of the pump
d) reduced current consumption
e) lower level of noise and vibration
f) lower fire risk of production
g) higher ecological clearance
h) simple and convenient maintenance of the pump unit.

Optionally a standard impeller can be replaced by an impeller of stainless steel (extra information about impellers). A plate semirigid coupling can be installed instead of a standard coupling (extra information about plate couplings).

Модернизация насосов 

  1. A stuffing box is replaced by a mechanical seal. A radial sliding bearing is installed..
  2. The radial bearing is replaced by a thrust bearing.
  3. Case of the bearing unit is cut off, and monoblock, composed of casing, face seal and radial sliding bearing, is installed.

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