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Filters for cleaning compressed air, carbonic acid and other unaggressive gases of solid particles and aerosol admixtures

Filter equipment is used for getting pure technological mediums (carbonic acid, steam, water and other liquids; compressed air and other unaggressive gases including those of high pressure), which are applied in all phases of production in all sectors of the national economy. The range of output goods constantly enlarges. All the equipment is made of corrosion-resistant steel with use of argon-arc welding and feed of air, sandblasting and electrochemical polishing. Except commonly output goods our factory is ready to manufacture almost any kind of filter equipment to a technical order of a customer. The offered equipment has steady technical characteristics, which do not yield, but even exceed the best foreign samples in quality.
It is possible to supply cartridge, bag and pocket filters for cleaning the liquid mediums as well as mud trap filters with pores of dimensions 0.8, 1.1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4.5 mm.

Фильтры для очистки сжатого воздуха, углекислоты и других неагрессивных газов от твердых частиц и аэрозольных примесейCartridge filter elements

The main part of an air filter is a filter element, which removes the solid particles, oil and water vapor from compressed air. Needle-punched and glass fibre of high porosity (to 96%) are used as material of the filter elements. The filtration is carried out from the inside to outside of the element. Coming through the filter wall oil-water aerosol gradually coalesces (gets consolidated) in big drops on the wall and moves on the outside of the filter element. In order to keep the drops and prevent regeneration of aerosol, the filter is supplied with a barrier liquid trap, and the drops trickle down the trap, come off it and mass at the bottom of the filter. The filter element works in the self-cleaning mood, and all mechanical pollution is kept on the filter wall.
There are produced 3 kinds of glass fibre elements of efficient air cleaning:
- Precleaning filters with needle-punched fibre catch fluid and solid particles of size more than 5 Вµm. Efficiency of catching the particles of size 1 Вµm is equal to 80%;
- Main cleaning filters with ultrathin fibre fully catch the particles of size more than 1 Вµm. Efficiency of catching the particles of size 0.3 Вµm is equal to 98%. Residual concentration of oil in the air is less than 1.0 mg/m3;
- Fine cleaning filters with ultrathin fibre efficiently catch the particles of size 0.3 Вµm (99.95%). Residual concentration of oil in the air is less than 0.05 mg/m3.

Some factories use filters of foreign production for cleaning compressed air. We are ready to supply these filters with replaceable filter packages of similar technical features. We can supply the elements of almost all dimension types, produced by German factory Ultrafilter and certain types of elements by Zander (Germany) and Domnick Hunter (England).

We are also ready to supply air-oil separators for screw compressors including those of foreign production with use of structural components of the worked-out separators. Oil concentration in the compressed air after separator’s repair is equal to 2-5 mg/m3.

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